The very start

Hello! We are the family Mickai, founders and nurturers of Misgiriai campsite.

Travelling around the world made us realise that we can and should create a nice and cosy holiday place in Lithuania as well. With time, in the almost extinct village of Misgiriai, we formed a space for our family vacations. Soon after we decided that it would be a sin not to share it with others. Therefore, as of 7th of July, 2007 we are registered as a campsite Misgiriai.

Our values


Misgiriai - is a family business which makes family our strongest value which is represented in every detail of our campsite. We aim to provide our guests with everything they need so that they can concentrate on a quality time with their family and friends, Therefore, in our campsite and holiday houses are fully equipped with necessities. If you miss something, just let us know! We want you to feel like home. "The Iron Carp" is a place perfectly suitable for larger family gatherings.


At Misgiriai we try to live in harmony with our surroundings and we encourage our guests to do so as well. Recycle, don't harm animals living nearby, respect and be grateful for all the fish you catch and the ones that escape, love mother nature and it will love you back. Our star is an ecological "Laumės' Home" made out of haystacks and clay which will fascinate you with its cosiness and great micro-climate.

Sauna traditions - Lithuanian and not only

Sauna - is hygiene for your body and soul. We cherish Lithuanian sauna traditions, therefore, here you will find bathing brushwood, salt to scrub your body and wool hats to protect your head from the heat. For the ones interested in more exotic sauna variation, we offer Japanese Ofuro sauna.

Baltic culture

At Misgiriai you will find many aspects that are linked to Baltic mythology. We appreciate and cherish Lithuanian culture and we want to give a chance for our guests to learn more about traditions coming from our ancestors. Therefore, every year on 23rd of June we organise Dew's celebration with its rituals, ethnocultural education program, bonfire, midnight swimming, and, of course, traditionally we search for a magical blossom of the fern.

Sounds too good to be true? Come, and see it for yourself!

Misgirių 6, Judrėnų sen.
Klaipėdos raj. Lietuva

Tel: +370 6 8737695

Email: info@misgiriai.lt

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