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Surroundings of Misgiriai

Our guest often ask us: is there something to see around here? Žemaitija, is beautiful region that can surprise even the most experienced travellers. Therefore, we decided to make a little list of MUST SEE places around Misgiriai that will help you to explore our beautiful country, and get to know its nature, culture and people.


Only 6 km away from Misgiriai, there is a home of S. Darius parents, which was turned into a museum in 1991. S. Darius and S. Girėnas were Lithuanian pilots, emigrants to the US, who made a significant flight in the history of world aviation in 1933. On July 15th they flew across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Kaunas. Unfortunately, they crashed, due to undetermined circumstances, 650 km away from their destination, while Lithuanian people were waiting for their heroes with flowers in their hands. Now, every year in July, an aviation festival is being organised in this place. More about the museum expositions you can find here.

S. Darius childhood's home


Švėkšna is a small town 14 km away from our campsite. Here you can find a beautiful neo-gothic style St. Jacob's church first built in XVI century. Its a fourth version of this church as the first one burned down, while the second and third were destroyed. The church is famous for its 24 voices organs which were built in 1907 by organs master BrunoGobel from Kaliningrad. More information about the church you can find here.

Šv. apaštalo Jokūbo bažnyčia

Right next to the church, across a bridge, there is Genovaitė's Manor, which was built by Adomas Pliateris to his wife in 1880. The manor is surrounded by 9,5 hectares park which is considered to be one of the most beautiful in Lithuania. More information here.

Genovaitė's Manor


Rietavas is a small town 28 km north from Misgiriai where you will find an open space market full of... well, EVERYTHING. Food, clothes, toys, antiquities, pieces of art, collection coins and stamps. It's open only on Sundays, so don't miss your chance.

Rietavas market


A little further away, 60 km to the east, you will find a beautiful landscape typical for Žemaitija region with hills of Medvėgalis (234m.), Aukštagirė, Gaudkalnis, Moteraitis and Sprūdė. In the lake of Lūkstas people even find amber! Explore this place by bike, by food or water. More information here.

Regional park of Varniai


50 km away from Misgiriai there is Oginskiai mansion, often called as Versailles of Žemaitija. Without any doubts, it is one of the most beautiful mansions in our country. Inside, there is Žemaitija's Art Museum where you will find an exposition of Lithuanian artists' works spread all over the world. Since 1873, the place has been famous for its cultural events and activities. The family of Oginskiai largely contributed to Lithuania's culture. The mansion is surrounded by a wonderful park, so enjoy a relaxing walk around it, as Oginskiai did it back in the day. More information here.

Oginskiai mansion


40 km to the south west you will find Šilutė, which is famous for its unique landscape, culture, and a well established tourism infrastructure. Visit it by car, foot, bicycle or a boat. Don't forget to visit Ventė Cape, in the evening this place looks magical. More information here.

Ventė Cape


60 km north west from Misgiriai, you will find Kretinga. Do you just loooove plants? Well, this place is just for you! Here you can visit a winter garden established by Juozapas Tiškevičius in 1875. Close by, there is the largest Japanese garden in Europe which was founded only in 2007. Explore the similarities and differences between Japanese and Lithuanian cultures, and reflect on them in the evening while enjoying a Japanese Ofuro sauna at Misgiriai! More information here.  

Winter garden


For the ones that wants to see Baltic sea, we suggest to visit Karklė instead of Palanga or Šventoji. Here, it's not only more quiet but also more beautiful. Explore the area while taking "Litorina" path that goes along the shore of the Baltic sea. More information about how to find it and what to look for while taking it is here. If you like history, a little closer to Klaipėda, there is a German coastal battery "Memel - Nord" which was built during WWII, after Klaipėda was annexed to Germany. More information here.



Don't forget to visit Klaipėda, our third largest city with a small and very cosy old town. Take a slow walk while enjoying its architecture and try to spot how many interesting sculptures are scattered all over the city. In the evening, enjoy drinks and a panoramic view from „SKY 21 terrace“.

Old town of Klaipėda

Of course, there are many more places to visit in Žemaitija! Do you have anything to add or would you like to share your experiences? Leave a comment below, we also never stop exploring the surroundings of Misgiriai :)

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