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When you choose where and how to spend your vacations, listen to the needs of yourself and your companions. What do you actually want? Some feel very comfortable camping with a tent, some can't imagine anything better than sleeping under a starry sky, and some want to spend their holidays comfortable in a cosy house that can keep you warm when nights get cool. For the latter, we offer to choose one of our lovely homes. Each is different but both will make you feel at home.

Laumė's Home

Have you ever had a chance to live in an ecological house and experience it's benefits? "Laumės Home" is made from haystacks and clay. Together, these two materials, create a good temperature isolation which means that on a hot day, house will remain cool but in the evening, when temperature outside drops, it will release its warmth and create cosiness. On cold days house can be heated with an indoor built sauna. "Laumės Home" can accommodate 10 persons and is well adapted for families with small children.

On the ground floor there is a living room with a well equipped kitchen, dining area and terrace with outdoor furniture. Here you will also find a steam sauna, a shower and WC. On a first floor there are two sleeping rooms with two double beds in each of them. In a hallway connecting the two rooms there is a couch which transforms into a double bed. Enjoy a beautiful view from any of the two balconies or spend some quality time reading a book from our mini library.

Outside the house you will find children's playground with swings and a sand box, a volleyball field, a small private beach and two fishing sectors. Additionally, there is an outdoor kitchen which you can use for BBQ, smoking a freshly caught fish and making soup or stew in a cast iron pot. Listen to bird songs while swinging in a hammock and enjoy your evening in a Japanese Ofuro sauna. Hot sauna, cool water of the pond and a starry summer sky will create unforgettable memories.


Family Home

"Family Home" is a caravan type house that accommodates 6 persons. There are two bedrooms, one with double bed and one with two single beds, a living room with a couch transforming into a double bed, well equipped kitchen, dining area, shower and WC. 

Outside there is a spacious terrace with outdoor furniture, children's playground, a BBQ, and a private beach with a little bridge. Here you will also be able to enjoy fishing from two separate sectors. Additionally, you can use volleyball and football fields near by. We can also offer you a Japanese Ofuro sauna, located near „Kaukų“ wooden arbour. "Family Home" will perfectly fit small groups of people looking for a cosy and comfortable vacation place in the nature.

If needed and only agreed by the owner, you can also build a tent next to the house.


Interested? Contact us and we will help you to choose a holiday house matching your needs.

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