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Camping at Misgiriai

From the very first days of Misgiriai campsite existence, we focused on creating a good camping experience. We witnessed an increase in camping among young families with kids who want to spend some time away from civilisation and get to know the nature a little more. Such getaways strengthen family bonds and create unforgettable memories through child's' first time experiences: the first camp fire and a dinner sitting around it, the excitement of catching your first fish and the first night spent under a starry sky while listening to the sounds of the nature.

"Numėjos" pavėsinė
"Kaukų" pavėsinė
"Geležinio Karpio" pavėsinė
"Geležinio Karpio" pavėsinė

At Misgiriai there are three wooden arbours, each furnished with tables and benches, BBQ and a camp fire spot. „Numėjos“ arbour will perfectly fit a group of fisherman because there are 4 fishing sectors located just in front of it. The fans of active holidays will prefer „Kaukų“ arbour, as it is located between a sand beach, volleyball and football fields, and has a Japanese Ofuro sauna right next to it. Here fisherman can also enjoy 2 fishing sectors and a few view towers built in the trees. A third arbour is located next to "The Iron Carp" events house. There you will find a masonry stove for your BBQ, a basketball ring and swings. This place can accommodate a group of people with camper vans.


There's enough space for everyone! Whether you come alone or with a large group, will help you to find a perfect spot that matches your needs and preferences. One of our most convenient camping spots is "The Sun Park". Here more than a few hundred people can comfortably place their tents around a bonfire and enjoy its warmth in the evening. Moreover you can easily connect to the water and electricity.

Camper vans

At Misgiriai, we kindly welcome travellers with camping vans. Here you can choose an individual spot for your own camper van or park collectively with a group of companions next to one of our wooden arbours. Everywhere, except the „Kaukų“ arbour, you can connect to the electricity and empty your sewage holding tank. There are plenty of places to visit in the surroundings of Misgiriai, so don't miss your chance to discover this part of Lithuania!

Outdoor shower and WC

At the campsite you will find 3 bio toilets and an outdoor shower with a water tank warmed by the sun. So if you are afraid that the fish you just let go back to the pond still holds a grudge, waiting for you to enter its territory, you can calmly refresh yourself in a shower :)

Interested? Contact us and together we will find the best option for your holidays at Misgiriai!

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