Party in the nature

When you get bored from parties at home...

When the circle of friends is getting larger and family is expanding, your little apartment becomes too small for a proper event. Celebration organised in a restaurant has its own downsides: you end up sitting and talking only with people around you. Maybe it's time for a change? Surrounded by nature, your party will blossom like a flower! Organise birthdays, family reunions and even weddings, release your creativity and we will help you to create unforgettable moments. 


An event hall in this barn type building accommodates 40 persons. Here you will also find a fully equipped kitchen, a bar, a shower and WC. On the fist floor, there are three sleeping rooms with beds for 21 person. Outside the house there is a wooden arbour with a masonry stove, a table and benches. For your entertainment, next to it you will find swings and a basketball ring. The house is surrounded by a spacious territory which you can creatively use for games, dancing, lounge zones or whatever comes to your mind.  

Misgiriai campsite is located in a closed and remote area. Therefore, if you wish to rent the entire territory, you can enjoy your party till the dawn. It's a wonderful place to organise family celebrations, team building events, seminars, spiritual practices or a night stay for larger groups of travellers.

As a highlight of the event, we suggest to make use of "The Sun Park". We can build a large bonfire which will be a great substitution for fireworks. The latter we do not allow to use in our campsite as we do not want to disturb the life of animals living nearby.

"The Iron Carp" can be rented for a single day event without a place to sleep, 24 hours event with a place to sleep, just for a night or the entire weekend. If you wish to organise a long term seminar or a camp, we can offer extra activities such as sauna, Japanese Ofuro sauna, volleyball and football fields, boats and paddle boards, fishing. Moreover, we suggest to visit neighbouring villages, try their local cheeses, fresh and ecological dairy products, fruits and vegetables. We cooperate with local communities who will gladly take care of catering for your event,


Interested? Contact us and we will help you to organise an unforgettable event!

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