Who lives in the pond?

Golden fish, grant me a wish...

A passion for fishing encouraged us to build a holiday house near a pond. Before, these waters were used for fish farming. Not all the fish was caught, and each year some smarter ones remained. They grew big and beautiful, so we decided to add some extra species and observe how they get along. Since then, the diversity grew and today in our 5 hectares pond we have 15 different fish species. Could you catch them all? Who knows maybe one of them will grant you a wish...

We advocate responsible recreational fishing. Therefore, before coming, please take your time to read through our fisherman etiquette.

Pond's population

Grass Carp

Largest known 9,45 kg


Largest known 11,85 kg


Largest known 3,2 kg


Largest known 14.5 kg

Crucian carp

Largest caught 2.550 kg


Part of the crew, shows up from time to time

Fishermen competition

Have you heard that every year at Misgiriai we award „The Most Successful Fisherman of the Month“ and „The Most Successful Fisherman of the Year“? Winners receive special medals and prizes. At the end of the season we organise a closing event where all our winners are invited to fish together, share their experiences and advises. Would you like to participate?

Other fishes

Misgurnus fossilis - rarely seen 

Catfish - largest not registered yet

Tench - largest known 2.65 kg)

Bass - largest known 1.140 kg 

Sunfish - predator's snack

Roach - largest known 0.95 kg

Rudd - largest not registered yet

Bream - largest known 0.45 kg

Trout - largest known 2,2 kg

Fishing sectors

My success story

"My largest catch is this beauty. When you try to bring such a strong and beautiful creature to the shore, you feel like an old man from Hemingway's novel. Then, you kiss goodbye and let the fish go simply because it deserves nothing less but to live and grow strong."

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