Fisherman's etiquette

Before fishing…

We try to live in harmony with the nature surrounding us as well as with out guests. Therefore, we would like to ask you to read through our Fisherman’s Etiquette and comply to them throughout the time of your stay at Misgiriai. 

Fisherman’s Etiquette

  • Before coming to Misgiriai, give us a call to discuss when and where you would like to fish, how many companions will join you, and how much it will cost you.
  • The reservation will be confirmed after the reservation deposit must be transferred to our bank account. 
  • You can fish only at the fishing sector that has been dedicated to you.
  • You can use up to 4 fishing rods per person.
  • The fish you caught must be held in the water using a special net. If you don’t have one, the fish must be released immediately.
  • If you caught a sturgeon, a silver carp, a grass carp, or a catfish, you must release them back in the water immediately.
  • Don‘t leave any trash behind. Use recycling containers behind „Laumė‘s Home“.
  • If you are fishing from a boat, don‘t disturb fellow fishermen. Ask if and where you can pass.
  • Send the photos of you catch to and take a part in our competition. Every year we award  “The most successful fisherman of the month” and „“The most successful fisherman of the year”. Winners receive prizes and special medals.
  • If you noticed that someone is not complying with our rules or is behaving strangely, inform the owner via phone +370 6 8737695. If you manage to take a photo, send us to We will appreciate your contribution to making this place safe for our fishes and pleasant for our guests. Rule offenders will be forever banned of out campsite.
  • Respect other guests and fishermen, don‘t make too much noise, don‘t listen to loud music and please try not to swear, no everyone likes to hear that

    We wish you a pleasant weather and successful fishing.

    Nei žvyno Jums, nei uodegos:)

    Rimantas Micka

Misgirių 6, Judrėnų sen.
Klaipėdos raj. Lietuva

Tel: +370 6 8737695


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