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Do you ever feel like running away from the bustle of the city to a peaceful shelter in the nature where you can forget the never-ending work tasks and home routine? Psychologists advise that if you want to get rid of the accumulated stress, get out of your comfort zone and experience something new. In Misgiriai you can enjoy simple nature, where the flow of time slows down, city noises turn into bird songs, pollution changes into saturated natural scents and the eye is always entertained by fascinating views. Quietly observe nature, wake up with the sun, enjoy the sunset and count the stars while laying on a cool grass. When was the last time you did all of it?


Misgiriai from bird's eye view

One can explore Misgiriai in many ways: by foot, boat or paddle board, sitting with a fishing rod in your hands or relaxing in a hammock with your eyes up towards the sky. But wouldn't it be nice to see all of it from the bird's eye view?

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Recreational fishing

Fishing is an entertainment! That is why every season we organise a competition of "The Most Successful Fisherman". The winners receive original Misgiriai medals and prizes. Would you like to participate?


The waters of Misgiriai are full with various species: carp, pike, tench, sturgeon and many more. Both novice and expert fishermen will find something to enjoy!

We love and respect these wonderful creatures. Therefore, if you catch a baby fish or an old veteran just show some gratitude, pose for a picture, kiss goodbye and let it go.


Reviews from our guests


Thousands of people have already experienced the softness of our fields, hospitality of our homes, liveliness of our fishes, generosity of the nature and great acoustics ir our and our clients organised events such as traditional Joninės and Žolinės celebrations, music festivals, fishing competitions, team building events, family reunions and even weddings! 

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